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Point of Sale vendor out sells installed competitor to win $5,000,000

MSP vendor closes $500,000 in 90 days

Field Force Automation vendor increases their sales by 19%

CRM Vendor reduces discounting by 30%

Smartcard vendor wins $500,000 in 30 days

Our Approach: REAL ROI"

REAL ROI Value Modeling™ is a process for aligning your sales messages and the right ROI Metrics with your customer’s REAL requirements.

We use the powerful Problem Pyramid" , a practical technique described in Robin Goldsmith’s recent book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success, to discover the REAL business requirements that products must meet in order to provide value from the customer’s perspective. This rigorous and disciplined six-step approach results in messages that resonate with your prospect and can be substantiated with ROI calculations that measure the right things.

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Listen to what our customers are saying…

"I differentiated myself from my competition and motivated a stalled account. I was creating business cases in no time."

Sam Crowe - President, The Bar Code Department

"Our work with ProveIT has contributed substantially to our ability to develop compelling ROI-based business cases."

Paul Bunn - EVP of Global Sales, Cards etc

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