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Welcome to - Creators of the REAL ROI™ (Return On Investment)

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REAL ROI™ Business Cases

Support Effective Value-Based Decisions

REAL ROI™ is a reliable way to accurately determine the value of complex business and technology alternatives.

Strategy, methods, and product/service offerings - ROI Value Strategy™

Buying software, products, and outsourced services - ROI Value Buying™

Selling solutions that customers value - ROI Value Selling™

Many organizations have difficulty using Return on Investment (ROI) financial analysis effectively and don’t link their calculations to value.


Overcomes 10 Common ROI Pitfalls to Show Value That Is

Right - satisfying the REAL business requirements that provide value but which too often are not defined adequately, using Problem Pyramids™ as described in Robin Goldsmith’s recent book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success

Reliable - traceably addressing all relevant full life cycle long- and short-term factors, not just concentrating on arithmetic calculations and only those factors justifying a predefined solution

Responsible - quantifying the dollar value of both tangible and intangible costs and benefits to close the common little-recognized loophole that undercuts most ROI’s rigor.

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